ArtSalon in Holyoke

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    Alicia Renadette - Holyoke 12/07/16

  • JohnquestSlider

    Amy Johnquest - Holyoke 12/07/16

  • CalhounSlider

    John Calhoun - Holyoke 12/07/16

  • HoranSlider

    Lyn Horan - Holyoke 12/07/16

  • BensSlider

    Maryanne Benns - Holyoke 12/07/16

  • KrupczynskiSlider

    Joseph Krupczynski - Holyoke 12/07/16

The next ArtSalon will be at the Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke on Wednesday, December 7th.

Presenting artists: Amy Johnquest, John Calhoun, Alicia Renadette, Lyn Horan, Maryanne Benns and Joseph Krupczynski.

Read more about the event here.


A dynamic social evening of engaging presentations by established and emerging artists in the Pioneer Valley